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  • "This is a wonderful vehicle and method for bringing positive energy to your body and life. Keep doing what you're gifted to do."

  • "Happiness, re-alignment with spirit. Insights! Please continue these services."

  • "I felt nurtured and cared for, relaxed and was able to let the outside world leave my body. Karen is sensitive and caring and helpful"

  • "I have a parent living in a nursing home suffering from the effects of dementia, after one Reiki treatment a remarkable event occurred....I was greeted with a full hug. This might not seem like a big deal since parents usually greet their offspring with a hug, but for me....this was the first hug is more than a year. And there's more, to my delight, he slept in his room and in his bed not in a jerry wheel chair! This event became more emotional since I was attending Reiki Training and learning how to heal myself and others. Reiki energy is strong and relaxing....I felt fulfilled and relieved. I thank Karen for her time and healing touch for my Dad and I."

  • " (Reiki) has opened so many different doors that were previously closed, Reiki has given me a different way of looking at almost every aspect of my life. Before Reiki I felt like I was alone in the universe trying to accomplish the enormous task of raising a family, having a real

    relationship with my spouse and dealing with all thepressures and stresses of modern life in todays world. I now start each day and indeed each task knowing there is a great amount of support for me in this universe, from sources that are familiar. That knowledge elevates my confidence in decision making and dealing with the people that mean something to me to a level I have never achieved prior to Reiki. What I have learned in Reiki will benefit me and my family for the rest of my life."

  • Since getting my Reiki I & II Attunements, I've been doing Reiki on my dad about 3 times a week. I have noticed subtle changes but yesterday was the best. My sister and I arrived to find a smiling and talkative man who would wave and say hi to people as they passed. He greeted us with a big HELLO and a wink in his eye. My sister pulled a chair nearer to him, sat down and just talked and talked. She turned to me with a smile saying "it's nice to have my father back"....I smiled. We spoke to the doctors and were informed that he's doing extremely well, and modifications have been made to his medicines. I believe that the Reiki treatments have made the difference, affecting improvements in my father's behavior. I realize each day is a new day and his behavior is subject to change, however having him back, whenever, is priceless. Thank you Reiki.

  • "Wow class was amazing as I didn't know what to expect...I felt fulfilled with positive energies and at the same time felt relaxed - stress free. I learned Reiki gives me the ability to heal myself as well as others and improve the space I work and live in. Karen has taken time to emphasize the three Reiki symbols - Power, Emotional and Distance, giving me a deeper understanding as to their healing power. Thank you."

  • "All the questions were answered patiently, even if some students needed a bit more help on some areas. (There was) just enough practice to learn all of the techniques. (This was) definitely a great thing to do. Karen was very supportive and has a lot of input and experience in general energy work as well as reiki. (The best part) was the supportiveness of all of the other students." 

  • "This (Reiki class) was a new opening into understanding yourself and healing yourself and others."


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